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Install using Docker


If you do not have Docker installed, you will need to install it using the guide here before running the commands below.


With every release, Docker images are pushed to DockerHub.

If you are running macOS with an M1 chip, you'll need to run your terminal using the Rosetta emulator and specifically pull the linux/amd64 release. In the future, we will provide alternative arm64 builds.

# <RELEASE_VERSION> is the release version i.e. 0.5.14
docker pull livepeer/go-livepeer:<RELEASE_VERSION>

# Mac M1 only
# docker pull --platform linux/amd64 livepeer/go-livepeer:<RELEASE_VERSION>

Running livepeer-cli with Docker (rudimentary approach for command-line)

Once you've pulled the image, retrieve the image id and start the container.

Any flags you provide will be passed to the binary, so you can pass your configuration here.

docker run <image id> <livepeer configuration flags>

# Mac M1 only
# docker run --platform linux/amd64 <image id> <livepeer configuration flags>

Once you've started the container, retrieve the name and start the CLI

docker exec -it <container_name> livepeer_cli