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Welcome! The pages that follow contain comprehensive documentation of the Livepeer ecosystem. The documentation is split into two parts: Livepeer for video developers and Livepeer for video miners. If you are new to Livepeer and interested in how it works, you might want to check out the Protocol Overview.

The documentation is an open-source community effort, so feel free to suggest new topics, add new how-to guides, and provide examples wherever you think it might be helpful. All documentation is editable via GitHub.

Something missing?

We are constantly improving this documentation. Here are a few ways you can make suggestions or contribute to the docs:

  • Edit this article using the link at the bottom of the page. If this is your first time editing a page, please check out the contribution guide.
  • File an issue for us. To avoid duplicates, we ask that you do a quick search of existing issues to see if any similar issues exist.
  • Come talk to us in Discord