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Welcome to Livepeer!

The Livepeer project aims to deliver a live video streaming network protocol that is fully decentralized, highly scalable, crypto token incentivized, and results in a solution which is cheaper to an app developer than using traditional centralized live video solutions.

This site is organized by topics including concepts, tasks, and reference information designed for:

What's new

Livepeer Network Upgrade - Livepeer now offers faster transactions and lower costs for broadcasters, orchestrators, and delegators.

How to Migrate your Orchestrator to Arbitrum - Instructions for One-time Migration to Arbitrum (L2)

Latest Releases - We strongly encourage all node operators to upgrade to >=0.5.28 by February 21 so you can connect to Arbitrum Mainnet after the LIP-73 block.

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Livepeer Quickstart

Install and get up and running with the Livepeer Quickstart guide for Video Miners and Video Developers.

New to Livepeer?

Check out the Livepeer Primer. Once you go through the Primer, you will be able decide how you want to participate in the Livepeer community.

Learn more about how Livepeer works, check out Core-Concepts including relevant detailed high-level topics to familiarize yourself more in-depth with the Livepeer platform capabilities.

Become a Contributor

This project is an open-source, decentralized community effort, so feel free to suggest updates and new topics, add new guides and tutorials, or provide examples wherever you think it might be helpful.

We frequently update this documentation focusing on continuous improvement and very much appreciate and encourage your participation.

Note All documentation is editable via GitHub. If this is your first time working in the Livepeer repo, please check out the contribution guide for instructions.

How To Contribute

You can make suggestions and contribute content to the docs in the following ways:

  • "Edit this page" links are included at the bottom of each page and bring you to the document stored in our Github repository where you can edit directly in the document.

  • File an issue for us. To avoid duplicates, we ask that you do a quick search of existing issues to see if any similar ones exist.

  • Come talk with us in our Discord channel.