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This tutorial provides detailed high-level information for you to get started developing with Livepeer Catalyst.

It includes steps required to:

  • Set up Catalyst,

  • Send a livestream into the Livepeer network for transcoding, and

  • Play back the livestream inside your application

Note: For the purposes of this guide, we'll be livestreaming using the Rinkeby test network a kind of sandbox environment for testing your livestreams.

  • If you are livestreaming in a production setting make sure to set the network to arbitrum-one-mainnet.
  • To Learn more about supported networks, including Arbitrum mainnet and Arbitrum Rinkeby, in our Installation Guide.


Install Catalyst

Start Catalyst and Add Funds

To stream into the Livepeer network:

  1. Start Catalyst

  2. Provide funds so that you are able to pay orchestrators for their services.

Note: You only need to add funds if you are streaming into the network (i.e., running in onchain mode).

Safely Store Your Private Key

If this is your first time starting Catalyst:

  • You will be required to specify a directory where your private key will be stored:

For example:


Note: It is imperative that you securely store this keystore file. Losing a the keystore file will cause you to lose access to your funds.

Launch the Catalyst Dashboard and Start Your First Stream

Once Catalyst is running:

  1. Launch the Catalyst Dashboard , and

  2. Start your first stream