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The following is an annotated list of guides providing information and instructions about how you can further configure your Livepeer node when developing with Livepeer:

Configure Broadcasting Preferences

Set options and follow methods to configure broadcasting preferences provided for the Livepeer node transcoding output.

Integrate a CDN

Make your output video available via a conventional CDN so that requests into your site or DApp for video streaming through Livepeer pull video from the network while served off of a CDN.

**Note:** In the future, we aim to provide this option with the p2p network that Livepeer forms around a stream.

Withdraw Broadcasting Funds

Use the livepeer_cli to unlock, withdraw, and cancel requests to withdraw broadcasting funds.

Record a stream

Use the Livepeer built-in feature to record your stream on the s3-like object storage using the flag -recordStore on the broadcaster node.

Note: Additional instructions are provided to enable this option when running Catalyst.

Enable verification (experimental)

Automatically verify the correctness of transcoded results received from orchestrators.


Enable detailed logs, and troubleshoot errors you may encounter when running Catalyst.