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Developer Guides

With just a few simple API calls, create unique live and on-demand video experiences that play anywhere and look beautiful, every time, at scale.



Learn how to create an API key and start building with Livepeer!

Add a Player

Learn how to use a media player with Livepeer

Create a Livestream

Create and watch a livestream

Stream from OBS

Learn how to stream into Livepeer with OBS

Upload a Video Asset

Upload a video asset for optimized playback

Mint a Video NFT

Mint a video NFT on an EVM-compatible blockchain or Aptos for optimized playback

Play a Video from IPFS or Arweave

Automatically upload and play back a video on IPFS and Arweave with livepeer.js

Stream w/ Access Control

Add access control to a stream with livepeer.js

Listen for Webhooks

Listen for video lifecycle events


Add multistreaming to multiple RTMP(S) targets

Monitor Stream Health

Monitor your stream metrics and health

Explore Viewer Engagement

Check out viewer engagement on your streams or assets