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Vote on protocol proposals

Vote on protocol proposals

Follow the steps below to set and configure voting in governance polls with livepeer_cli. You can do this without exporting keys from the machine on which the orchestrator node is running.

Voting With the livepeer_cli

Follow the steps herein to access and vote with the livepeer_cli:

  1. Find the contract address for the poll in the Livepeer Explorer (opens in a new tab) page for the poll.


    The poll page displays the following message:


    Click the link, "Follow these instructions", to display the instructions for voting with livepeer_cli:



It is important to note the poll contract address for upcoming steps.

  1. Run livepeer_cli

  2. Enter the number corresponding to the option to Vote on a poll

  3. Enter the contract address saved in step 1.:

    Enter the contract address for the poll you want to vote on - >

    You will be prompted with the following voting options:

    Identifier  Voting Options
    0     Yes
    1     No
  4. Choose and confirm your vote

For example:

Enter the ID of the option you want to vote for - > 0
Are you sure you want to vote "Yes" ? (y/n) - > y
  1. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed. You should be able to view your node submitting the vote transaction.

For example:

I0422 03:30:44.191809   43457 backend.go:96]
******************************Eth Transaction******************************
Invoking transaction: "vote". Inputs: "_choiceID: 0"  Hash: "0xf6957c190f1f16fc2ca4a93846903eb435c5e08fa7f6f40b6e159aab6d74905f".
  1. Once the vote transaction is confirmed, you will be able to see your vote reflected in the explorer poll page of the UI.