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livepeer has a number of configurable options. You can set your configuration using either command-line flags, environment variables, or a config file as described below.

For a list of all configuration options, see the reference here.

Configure Livepeer using command-line flags

livepeer can be configured with a number of command line flags as follows:

livepeer \
-network arbitrum-one-mainnet

Configure Livepeer using environment variables

livepeer can be configured using environment variables as follows:

export LP_BROADCASTER=true
export LP_NETWORK='arbitrum-one-mainnet'

Important: If you use environment variables and also supply command-line flags, the flags will override environment variables.

Configure Livepeer using a config file

livepeer can be configured using a config file as follows:


network arbitrum-one-mainnet
livepeer -config livepeer.conf

Important: If you use a config file and also supply environment variables or command-line flags, the environment variables and flags will override the values in the config file.