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Install using a Binary Release

Run the appropriate commands for your operating system; then, using the same directory, follow the steps to configure Livepeer.

Use the script from the repository to get a completely automated latest release installed onto your system. The script requires presence of curl, sha256sum (for checksum verification) and gpg (for signature validation). To install required dependencies please use the following commands (for popular ubuntu/mac systems):


# For ubuntu
# apt install curl coreutils gnupg2

# For macOS
# brew install curl coreutils gnupg


sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Additional steps to install custom release for individual OS are declared below.

Darwin (macOS)

# <RELEASE_VERSION> is the release version, e.g. v0.5.29
# IMPORTANT: if you are using macOS with an M1 chip, you'll need to run these commands using the Rosetta emulator

# Fetch the latest release

# Next, extract it
tar -zxvf livepeer-darwin-amd64.tar.gz

# Finally, move it to the appropriate directory
mv livepeer-darwin-amd64/* /usr/local/bin/


# <RELEASE_VERSION> is the release version, e.g. v0.5.29

# Fetch the latest release

# Next, extract it
tar -zxvf livepeer-linux-amd64.tar.gz

# Finally, move it to the appropriate directory
mv livepeer-linux-amd64/* /usr/local/bin/


# <RELEASE_VERSION> is the release version, e.g. v0.5.29

# Fetch the latest release .zip

# Next, extract it

# Finally, move it to the appropriate directory, e.g. C:\Users\UserName\livepeer-folder
move livepeer-windows-amd64 e.g. C:\Users\UserName\livepeer-folder

Note At this time Livepeer does not provide automatic updates. You can perform a manual update or use a script. A community-created Bash script to update Livepeer is available on the livepeer Forum.

Third-party packages

Packages for different Linux distributions are maintained by Livepeer community members. Before using these packages, please verify that they have been updated to use the latest builds of go-livepeer. This list will be updated as a best-effort, but we cannot guarantee if individual packages are up to date or verify their integrity.

In the future, Livepeer core contributors may publish official packages for the distributions below.

Arch Linux



paru go-livepeer-bin