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Install for Development

Installing pre-releases with Docker

To pull the latest pre-release version:

docker pull livepeer/go-livepeer:master

Installing a binary pre-release

Binaries are produced from every GitHub commit and download links are available in the #builds channel of the Livepeer Discord server.

These binaries are produced from go-livepeer's CI process, shown in this diagram:


Build from source

System dependencies

Building livepeer requires some system dependencies.

Linux (Ubuntu: 16.04 or 18.04):

apt-get update && apt-get -y install build-essential pkg-config autoconf git curl

Linux (Ubuntu: 20.04):

apt-get -y install protobuf-compiler-grpc golang-goprotobuf-dev 

To enable transcoding using Nvidia GPUs on Linux systems

  • CUDA must be installed on the system (
  • clang must be installed as well. The script that will install ffmpeg dependencies uses which clang command to determine whether clang is installed or not. Please check this on your system. If the path is empty, please install clang. For example on the Ubuntu machine one can do
apt-get -y install clang clang-tools

Darwin (macOS):

brew update && brew install pkg-config autoconf


The steps in this file can be used as a reference.


Building livepeer requires Go. Follow the official Go installation instructions.

Build and install

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone
    cd go-livepeer
  2. Install ffmpeg dependencies:


    (note - this is the step that requires which clang to return clang path in order to build CUDA support, as described above)

  3. Set build environment variables.

    Set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable so that pkg-config can find the ffmpeg dependency files installed in step 2:

    # stores ffmpeg dependency files in this directory by default
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=~/compiled/lib/pkgconfig

    Set the BUILD_TAGS variable to enable mainnet support:

    export BUILD_TAGS=mainnet
    # To build with support for only development networks and the Rinkeby test network
    # export BUILD_TAGS=rinkeby
    # To build with support for only development networks
    # export BUILD_TAGS=dev
  4. Build and install livepeer:

    cp livepeer* /usr/local/bin

    Note for Mac M1 users If you see an error like ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64, this is because of a conflict between dependency builds and the Livepeer build. You should check that you are using the *-darwin-arm64 binary instead of the *-darwin-amd64 binary. You can check what Go architecture you're using with go version.

Build with Docker

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone
    cd go-livepeer
  2. Export tags:

    echo $(git describe --tags) > .git.describe
  3. Build image:

    docker build -t livepeerbinary:debian -f docker/Dockerfile.debian .