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Discoverability Check

Once your orchestrator is activated and publicly accessible, it will start receiving test streams. The results of the tests will be visible in the Livepeer Explorer performance leaderboard.

Check public accessibility

You can check your orchestrator is publicly accessible as follows:


  1. Clone the go-livepeer repository:

    git clone
  2. Query the gRPC server that should be running at your orchestrator's service address:

    # <SERVICE_ADDR> should be your orchestrator's service address
    grpcurl -insecure -import-path go-livepeer/net -proto lp_rpc.proto <SERVICE_ADDR> net.Orchestrator/Ping

    If the request is successful, you should see a response (the actual value does not matter):

    "value": "xpLwLD/j/pk102yS5zsF7/EbF1FsWOo9IAYd4ojyfG4vTC/MtA/4VtwTYt1WmyCSuGdkIKhmWZ2C7ovW8CLuIhw="
  3. Check leaderboard results

You can check the results of the transcoding tests on the Livepeer Explorer orchestrator leaderboard which displays performance metrics of individual orchestrators on the network.

Note:More information on the orchestrator leaderboard as well as steps to take if you observe poor results on the leaderboard.