This guide is applicable to delegators who delegated their LPT to an orchestrator on the Ethereum mainnet prior to February 14th, 2022. Once you have successfully completed the migration, this guide is no longer applicable and you will use Arbitrum in lieu of Ethereum Mainnet for all protocol actions.

Claiming your delegated stake and earned ETH on Arbitrum is highly encouraged to ensure that (1) you continue earning inflationary rewards and fees and (2) you will be able to withdraw any currently delegated stake and earned ETH fees. As of February 14th, 2022, withdrawals on the Ethereum Mainnet will be disabled and all inflationary rewards and ETH fees will be disbursed on Arbitrum.

Prerequisites for all chains

  • Before using this guide, you will need make sure your Arbitrum wallet has enough arbETH to cover gas for the claim transaction. If you do not have arbETH in your wallet, you will need to add some using one of the bridges or on-ramps listed here.
  • The migration must be completed using the Livepeer explorer
  • If you use a contract account rather than an EOA: You will need to interact directly with the Migrator contract methods. Please use the guide here. If you don’t know what this means, it probably doesn’t apply to you.

Claiming via the Explorer

  1. Navigate to the Livepeer Explorer. If you have not connected the wallet that you used to delegate your LPT, connect it using the prompt in the upper left hand corner. If you haven’t switched your network to Arbitrum, you’ll be prompted to do so.
connect wallet to livepeer

There are a few options for connecting a wallet to Arbitrum. The wallet you choose should be the same one with which you originally delegated your LPT on the Ethereum mainnet. It should also contain a small amount of arbETH to pay for the claim on Arbitrum.

connect wallet to livepeer
  1. Claim your stake, rewards, and fees

    Click Claim to initiate a transaction that will claim your stake, rewards and fees.

confirm orchestrator

If your orchestrator has not migrated and has not conveyed plans to migrate, you will see a prompt to choose a new orchestrator.

  1. View your profile

    Once the claim transaction has been confirmed (this usually takes a few seconds on Arbitrum), you see a link to your profile. Here, you’ll be able to see your newly claimed balances.

    You will see an Arbiscan link to the transaction id in case you want to look at the submitted transaction.