The Livepeer Player is a drop-in React component that you can put in your web or native mobile application (with React Native) to play assets/livestreams. It provides a responsive UI based on video player dimensions and playback type, poster image support, and modern video player capabilities.

An embeddable version is also hosted at, with many of the props exposed via query params, so that you can easily embed it using an iframe.


The Player is optimized for low latency playback:

If any of these options fail, it will fall back to HLS playback, using HLS.js. This ensures a smooth viewing experience for your users.

There is also custom retry logic in the Player to make sure that if a livestream is offline or there are any transient network issues, playback will be retried.


To embed the Player, a URL can be added to an iframe similar to:{playbackId}&lowLatency=true

To see all of the available query parameters, see the embeddable player section.


The Livepeer Player reports engagement metrics without any extra configuration. These metrics can then be queried using the viewership API and shown alongside the Player, for display of view count and other valuable viewership data.