How do I set up a stream in 4k?

Diagnose: This is supported but has not been thoroughly tested. Workaround: When creating a stream, add the following to the profile:

  "name": "1080p",
  "bitrate": 5000000,
  "fps": 30,
  "width": 1920,
  "height": 1080

Short form videos are taking a while to load

Diagnose: Short form videos need to use the MP4 playback as default Workaround: Get the MP4 playback from the asset object and set it as the source. If you use the HLS instead for short form videos, this will affect the playback experience for users drastically.

Can I manually provide the region to broadcast the stream?

Diagnose: If you’re using you can force a region. Workaround: Replace the rtmp:// with the region you want to force the broadcast to. Ex. rtmp://, contact us for a list of regions available.

How can stream without any transcoding?

Diagnose: When creating a stream, set the profile object of the stream empty. Workaround: profile:[]

Can I increase latency on a stream?

Diagnose: You can use latency inject to increase the latency for a stream as a trade-off to reduce buffering. Workaround: You add the query to the end of the playback URL in the amount of seconds you want to increase the latency. Ex. &latency=10&buffer=10

Is there a track selection for a stream?

Diagnose: You can add a query to the end of the playback url. Workaround: ?video=640x360,1m&pswait&trackcount=9