What is the playback format for VOD?

Diagnose: The playback format is HLS and for any asset that is < 2 minutes is MP4. Workaround: N/A

What happened when an asset with the same name is uploaded twice or multiple times?

Diagnose: A new asset with a different Id will be created. Workaround: N/A

I am getting a message stating that I do not have permission to view an asset.

Diagnose: Check to make sure that the asset is not using access control. Workaround: Check the playback information of the asset and make sure that the playback policy is set to null or public. Use the API endpoint to check: https://livepeer.studio/api/playback/Playback_Id

What happens if there is more than 1 video track?

Diagnose: Anything with more than 1 video track will be reduced to 1 video track. Workaround: N/A

How will other tracks besides audio and video be handled?

Diagnose: Any other tracks and data types (subtitles/captions, metadata, track titles, chapter data, etc) will be removed. Workaround: N/A

When using the transcoding API, the task fails with 'internal error processing file'

Diagnose: If the error specifies 401 or 403, this is indicating that there is an issue with the credentials of your storage. Workaround: Make sure that the storage credentials allow for both reading and writing to it.

When I upload an asset in the Studio dashboard, it says it failed.

Diagnose: If you close or refresh the page the video is being uploaded, this can cause the asset to fail. Workaround: Do not refresh or close the page when uploading with the Livepeer Studio dashboard, otherwise, it will cause the asset to fail

I cannot upload an asset that has the supported audio/video codec.

Diagnose: Make sure the asset is not over the size limit. Workaround: Only up to 30GB file size is supported

I am not able to batch-upload my assets.

Diagnose: Make sure that the amount of uploads is not exceeding the limit. Workaround: Limited to 20 uploads at a time with 5 assets processing at the same time