This guide provides instructions on configuring metrics monitoring for orchestrators that have been activated on the Livepeer network.

  • Enable Metrics Monitoring
  • Monitor with visualizations
    • Prometheus
    • Grafana
  • Monitor with Docker

You can refer to Prometheus Metrics to check what metrics are exposed.

Enabling Metrics Monitoring

You can enable metrics monitoring with livepeer.exe adding the -monitor flag and additional parameters:

  • -monitor: enables metric monitoring
  • -metricsPerStream: groups performance metrics per stream
  • -metricsClientIP: exposes client’s IP in metrics

For Example:

Enable metrics monitoring with a combined orchestrator and transcoder:

livepeer \
    -orchestrator \
    -transcoder \
For the purpose of this example, other flags have been omitted.

Monitoring With Prometheus and Grafana

Follow the instructions in this monitoring guide to learn how metrics recorded by livepeer can be:

Monitoring with Docker

You can use this Docker container to easily start monitoring your orchestrator or transcoder. It bundles Prometheus, Grafana, and a few starter Grafana dashboard templates.