In this guide we’ll go over how to connect multiple transcoding processes to a single orchestrator.

Run a standalone orchestrator

livepeer \
    -network arbitrum-one-mainnet \
    -ethURL <ETH_URL> \
    -orchestrator \
    -orchSecret <ORCH_SECRET> \
    -pricePerUnit <PRICE_PER_UNIT> \
    -serviceAddr <SERVICE_ADDR>
  • -orchSecret is used to specify a secret that transcoders can use to connect with the orchestrator. The secret can be provided in plaintext or via a file (recommended) i.e. -orchSecret secret.txt

Run a standalone transcoder

The following instructions assume that the transcoder is run on a separate machine from the orchestrator. These instructions can be used to connect as many transcoders as you want to the orchestrator.

livepeer -transcoder \
	-nvidia <NVIDIA_GPU_IDs> \ # Only required for transcoding with Nvidia GPUs
	-orchSecret <ORCH_SECRET> \
	-orchAddr <SERVICE_ADDR>
  • The value for -orchSecret should be the same as the value used for your orchestrator
  • -orchAddr is used to specify the publicly accessible address that the orchestrator is receiving transcoder registration requests at

On startup, the transcoder will automatically run a test to confirm that it is able to transcode using the specified GPUs. The transcoder will exit if this test fails. If the test passes, you should see the following message in the log output without any additional error messages following it indicating that your transcoder successfully connected with the orchestrator:

Registering transcoder to

When the orchestrator receives a connection from a transcoder, you will see a message in the orchestrator logs that looks like:

Got a RegisterTranscoder request from transcoder= capacity=10

The transcoder field indicates the IP of the connecting transcoder and the capacity field indicates the number of simultaneous transcoding jobs that the transcoder can handle. Once the orchestrator has at least one transcoder connected, it will be able to send transcoding jobs to the transcoder when it receives a stream from a gateway.