Add Funds to Gateway Wallet

In order to use the Gateway you need to send ETH to your Gateway address on Ethereum Mainnet and then bridged to Arbitrum’s L2 Network.

If you have ETH on the Arbitrum L2 Network, you can simply transfer the funds to the newly created Gateway ETH Account.

Livepeer runs on the Arbitrium’s L2 Network and requires the funds to be bridged.

Bridge Funds to Arbitrum

If you need to bridge ETH you can use the official bridge or use an exchange that supports L2 transfers. For additonal information on bridging view the Livepeer bridging guide.

Once you have ETH on the Arbitrum network, transfer it to your newly created Gateway address.

Deposit Gateway Funds via Livepeer CLI

We now need to divide the Gateway funds into a Deposit and Reserve

In this guide we are using a total of 0.1 ETH. This is minimum recommended and best suited for testing.

To calculate the price your Gateway will pay for transcoding, divide the Reserve amount by 100. In our example each payment will be 0.0003 ETH (0.03 / 100)

As you pay for transcoding the amount paid is subtracted from your Deposit, so make sure to monitor your Deposit balance and top it off to keep your Gateway transcoding.

Open the Livepeer CLI

Open the Livepeer CLI by following the instructions for your platform.

Choose Option 11. Invoke “deposit broadcasting funds” (ETH)

  • Enter 0.065 for the Deposit and 0.03 for the Reserve amounts when prompted.

Choose Option 1. Get node status and confirm that the correct amounts are visible in the BROADCASTER STATS section.