Download and unzip the Livepeer binary<RELEASE_VERSION>/

Create a bat file to launch Livepeer.

Use the following as a template, adding your personal info and save a .bat file in the same directory as the Livepeer executable.

livepeer.exe -network=arbitrum-one-mainnet -ethUrl=<YOUR ARB RPC> -cliAddr= -serviceAddr=<YOUR GATEWAY PUBLIC IP ADDRESS>:8935 -broadcaster -maxPricePerUnit=300 -pricePerUnit=1 -monitor=true -v=6 -rtmpAddr= -httpAddr= -blockPollingInterval=20


Start the Livepeer Gateway

Start the Livepeer Gateway using the .bat file.

When prompted enter and confirm a password.

This password is used to decrypt the keystore file and access the private key. Make sure to never share or lose access to either the password or the keystore file

After confirming your password close the terminal.

Create a file containing your Gateway Ethereum password

In C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\.lpData create a txt file named ethsecret.txt with the password you created in the previous step.

Add the -ethPassword flag to your .bat file

Add -ethPassword=C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\.lpData\ethsecret.txt to the previously created .bat file

If you’d like the Gateway to start with Windows you can create a System service using NSSM or the Windows Task Scheduler.

Open the Livepeer CLI, then Jump to Configure Transcoding Options to finish configuring the Gateway

livepeer_cli.exe -host -http 5935