The Livepeer Gateway was previously called the Livepeer Broadcaster so you will see some commands and labels still use the Broadcaster name that haven’t been updated in the code.

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Working knowledge of system adminsitration tasks for your target platform are required. This guide provides directions for Linux, Windows, and Docker platforms. Familiarity with Livepeer protocol is beneficial. For more information view the go Livepeer installation guide.

This guide was developed using:

  • Ubuntu Linux 22.04
  • Docker 20.10.14
  • Windows
  • Livepeer 0.7.2
  • root user access (sudo is ok)

Have access to an Arbitrum RPC URL. This is required to run Livepeer. Popular services include Infura and Alchemy. Be aware that these services have their own pricing plans. That being said, the latest versions of livepeer should be able to stay within the request limit for these provider’s free tier at least for a single node. As an alternative, you can self-host your own Arbitrum node, see the instructions from Offchain Labs.